Introduction to Fewer Cards

Welcome, this documentation will guide you through how to use fewer cards. Fewer Cards is a new type of card that gives people the ability to exchange data quickly through the use of mobile devices.

Fewer Cards is a tool for helping people exchange data. The data might be contact information, a social media profile or even a digital currency address for payments. It is easy to tap or scan Fewer Cards to send data to mobile devices.

Why is Fewer Cards necessary?

  • We all are constantly sharing our social media profile information, job titles, companies, bios, addresses, payment details, text messages, phone numbers and email addresses. Traditional business cards can become cluttered with that amount of information. Fewer Cards removes the clutter and gives people a way to have the information sent directly the mobile device without user error.

  • The traditional business card are handed to a recipient however many business cards can become lost or the recipient may not be able to read the contents of the business card because they are visually impaired. Fewer Cards can resolve many issues of traditional business card exchanges because the data from the Fewer Cards makes it possible to put more detailed information in one card. When Fewer Cards is transmitted to the mobile device it is easier for the recipient to keep the information and to follow up.

What the type of cards?

  1. SMS Card: The SMS Card is a contactless business card that makes it easy to start texting, collect phone numbers for SMS campaigns, and share contact information with a scan or a tap. With the SMS card, you can save your contact information, social media profiles, and payment/cryptocurrency information. Bidirectionally connect with recipients so everyone will have each other's contact information instantly.

  2. Personal Card: The Decentralized Personal Contact Card is a contactless business card that allows you to share your contact information with others. With the tap of your card, your recipient can instantly save your contact information, as well as connect with you on social media and send you a message. The Personal Card is also known as the Decentralized Personal Contact Card because the contact information is not stored on a server but is encoded into the card itself, making it a more secure and private way to share contact information. The Personal Card is available in standard and custom designs.

Fewer Cards is the next evolution of the Business Card. Let's get started you will learn how to use Fewer Cards like a pro! 🙌

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